Ecumenical Walk of Witness - Builth Wells

Good Friday started in Builth Wells Town with a Walk of Witness.  A Cross was carried through the town to 7 stations where scripture  based on the Seven Last Word were read aloud.  An Ecumenical group gathered to process through the town of Builth Wells at 10am on Good Friday. Luke 23:v34, v43, John 19 v26-27,v28, v30, Luke 23v46, v44-48.  The cross carrying was shared and led the way to each station.  The group paused to read outside the churches and prominent places within the town.  Afterwards, the Co-Op Retail outlet, Pioneer worker Glenys had provided Hot Cross Buns for all to enjoy.  The Hot Cross Buns were very welcome together with hot drinks all served in St Marys Church.. Later in the day, again, with an Ecumenical theme, many denominations gathered in the Catholic Church to hear the Stations of The Cross read out at witnessed.  Finally, at 2pm, in the Alpha Chapel a service of Reflections on the Final Hour took place.  The hour long service during which Mrs Janet Day, Licensed Lay Minister (reader) was invited to read two reflections on scripture  John 18 v28-40 and John 19 v28-42  This annual service was lead by Rev Brian Reardon and his minister in training Monica. Hot Cross Buns and refreshment where enjoyed after the service.

Janet Day